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Sunday, May 27, 2007

When Rocks Swim

Recently I was fishing with a new friend, Saku. Saku is from Kyrgyzstan. While fishing on a sierra lake early in the morning, Saku looked at me and said, "I think fishing teaches men hope." I could not agree with Saku more. Later that day we found ourselves fishing a small pool in a stream. Due to a lousy day of fishing, we had resorted to only catching small fish from a small stream. We both found this boring because we had hoped to catch a big fish. That is why we fish, to catch the big one.

As the morning wore on our efforts to achieve our goal wore out. We had tried just about every thing in our arsenal and even the little fish were being defiant. Then in a fraction of a second, the space-time continuum shattered for us. A large rock swam across our little fishing domain. Our paradigms of hopelessness and failure shifted. We were no longer reduced to smallness, but now full of hope and excitement. With this new perspective that big fish were in this hole, we became full of hope once again; We can still achieve our dream of catching a big fish. It is hear in this moment of new understanding that I want to bring our attention to.

Have you ever encountered a moment where reality shifted so suddenly that you instantly adjusted your point of view of your possibilities? I am talking about that moment where you realize your dreams can become reality. A moment of forgiveness that realigns you with who you want to be and is coupled with the possibilities of becoming more than you ever thought you could be. If you have been there, then you have seen rocks swim.


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