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Friday, June 01, 2007

Two questions

As the sun slowly sinks into tomorrow what do you think about? I ask myself two questions. Where will I be tomorrow? Did I make the most out of giving my best today? Neither of these questions are easy to answer.

Tomorrow is not a guarantee. I HOPE I will wake up for another day of drama and fortune, but all I can do is hope that I will last until another sunset. Knowing this makes the answer of the second question that much more important to me. There are days that I can say "absolutely." Then there are days where I am not all that sure I did my best to make the most of what I was given. So my answer to the second question only adds fuel to the fire for tomorrow. The outcome of the world hangs in the balance of each second. Please make the most of each one, while you can.


gogo said...

" Did I make the most out of giving my best today?"

define giving my best....can it be the smallest of things as in hugging your child and telling them that you love them no matter what?! Or, perhaps even smiling at a stranger as you pass by?!

Yes, we should make the most of our day, as we are able, and always perservere to challenge ourselves to do better

Talking Bear said...

Gogo, are you asking me to define "giving my best"? This is a question that each and everyone of else needs to define for ourselves. My best may not be equal to yours. Not to mention that my best varies from day to day. I just try and do my best given the day and it's events.

gogo said...

I think I meant 'define' as sort of a general statement to qualify that even the smallest gesture can be 'someone's best', given that moment in their life. As you said, 'your/my/their best' is measured differently by each individual, and can vary day by day. If everyone can collectively focus on the positive and 'pays the positive forward' then this world would be a better place.

Peajay said...

I believe that 'your best' should be to the benefit of those around you. 'Your best' should always be measured by how it's impacted on others.

Talking Bear said...

PJ, I can not agree with that one. There are so many different variables to address with "those around you" that it would be near impossible to know or feel that you have impacted them on a positive plane. You may have good intentions, but to use their feedback as a measure would create dysfuntion within your self, I think. Plus, there are times when I know I have to do something that is positive in the long run for someone, but in the short term they will not see it as so.

I think our measure should be from within, intrinsically. It is a well know fact that we cant please everyone, and we are left to striving after wind when we attempt to do so.

Smith said...

I suggest that doing your best should be taken in the context of the community that you have. As an example, I could do my “best” by taking from the folks down the street their property and giving it to my family, giving my family a better chance at surviving; of course this would be unacceptable.

I need to feed my family so my family genes can go on for another generation and that means that I need others to do that also; to have a strong community for mutual support. In my present life I not only have a job to support my family, but also use volunteer hours to make another aspect of the community better. I don’t get paid for the volunteer work, but performing it makes a significant and measurable change in the community as a whole.

What the work is matters not, but the point is I am not wasting my intellectual or other skills, and I make a positive contribution each day. I do my job for money to support my family needs, and also volunteer to add to the community in a significant and measurable way. That is doing my best, in a manner that I can sustain.

I do suggest that doing one’s best may not allow for that much effort and activity. I would suggest that doing one’s best is doing as much as they can without being frivolous with one’s life. The sum of one’s life being positive.

Talking Bear said...

Smith, Great points, and I would agree with your point of view. I really liked your measure of contribution.

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