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Saturday, June 23, 2007

What is a dream worth?

Have you ever thought about what your dreams are worth? We seemed to compromise them for pennies and pointless issues when you really think about it. How about the worth of the dreams others have. Do we value them? When I was awarded the "Communication and Leadership award" from Toastmasters, I spoke about this very topic. This is a topic that strikes deep into my heart, and here is way.

I work with some great people. People who exhaust themselves trying to get young men and women to grab on to their dreams and pursue them with all their might. When a young persons chooses to walk away from their dream and pursue a compromise it really get to us. Even worse is when that compromise costs them their life. And here is where I find myself asking that question; What is a dream worth?


Peajay said...

The value of others dreams should be no less than the value of your own. No on should give up or compromise on a dream, without dreams our potential is lost, all possibilities are diminished and we become enslaved by our own boundaries.
“We must nurture our dreams like we would a child. They are God-given and just as precious. Without ambition how would a child learn to ride a bicycle, play an instrument or whistle? We deny the spirit of God when we as adults settle for less than our dreams!”
Conway Stone

gogo said...

I agree, the loss of dreams is the loss of your heart and your hope. People grow and change over time, and so can perhaps dreams...but to see people who give up completely, to concede defeat, and live a gray life of the 'could haves' is a sad reminder that we need to nurture that warmth inside us; the flame of hope that strengthens our heart and resolve, and helps give us focus for our endeavor.

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