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Monday, June 18, 2007

Who's at the door?

I would like to take us, you, down a thought path that I have had recently. I would like to give the spotlight to this thought path to a friend of mine, who shall remain un-named except that she knows who she is. The thought path is about our own internal racism and prejudice. Now do not go away, hold on for a moment. I think you will actually be interested in this topic.

So here is the start of this journey. Imagine you hear some one knocking on your door. What do you do? I personally look to see who it is. Why do we do this? Well, I do it to make a choice of how I am going to deal with the visitor. I am going to put the visitor, or at least the look of the visitor, into one of the many categories I have in my belief structure, and I am unfortunately going to make an instant assessment of what the person is all about, or at least should be all about based on what I have learned through out my life. Here is the problem, I really do not know this person knocking on my door.

Do you treat different people in a different manner. I think we all do. Imagine you open the door. Standing there is a , White female or male, a black female or male, an Asian female of male, a postal person, a police person, and so on, how do we respond to the difference? This is where our beliefs come in. If we believe that the person at the door is corrupt and dishonest we will treat them so. This response obviously varies depending on our own histories and developed beliefs. This is called prejudice behavior. Like it or not, we are all prejudice of something or someone. So how do we rise above such a negative and limiting behavior? Maybe we should not put everyone in some category before we get to know them? May be we should give some one a chance to define themselves before we define who we think they are? I am not sure of the how, but I do realize that we need to stop basing our choice off of old experiences and begin to explore the possibility that just maybe the person at the door is just like me.

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