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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Camping with Dad, or somthing like it!

Scruffy coyotes howl in the distant hills as majestic red tailed hawks sore over head. The day's sweltering heat gives way, as the cool night air warns of impending thunder showers. Our tired achy bodies yearn for the softness of our dusty sleeping bags. Here comes another night of spicy buttered trout cooked on the open fire. Our Dad is in his element, far from any five star establishment. When he says "roughing it" he means one step up from caveman camping. He gets us up at the first hint of the sun on the horizon. As the days flash by us, it is all we can do to keep up. Our dad does not know how to live life slow. The mountains are his home and it shows as the anxiety of his fast paced life sheds from him. Every tick of the clock, every breath, and every bead of sweat is relished, inhaled, as if he could squeeze out more of life's nectar somehow. What drives him? How do we always find a way to keep up with this man?

Being the daughters of a Marine Sergeant is nothing compared to being the child of a man who grew up in these mountains. He has guided, instructed, and facilitated numerous clients through life changing trips in these mountains. And now, he has decided to teach and grow us. These trips with dad have become more than the agonizing sagas we once perceived them to be. We find ourselves changed by the wilderness and learn how to overcome life's adversity. We have become thankful to have such a guide through these exhausting experiences, although we would have never chosen these lessons ourselves. Dad some how knows just how far to push, and when to stop and comfort. He is a hard man who cares more than his sun-baked, leather-necked face reveals. He brings us face to face with our vulnerability, yet we feel safe in our moments of insecurity. Fears subside into just another challenge to be embraced. We never realized that camping meant changing one's beliefs, nor did we ever think that we could accomplish what we have with dad by our side.

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Anonymous said...

What a powerful gift your father has given you!

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