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Friday, August 10, 2007

The cat that could

The other day I was headed out the front door and one of my kids yelled "do not let the cat out." I quickly reacted by squeezing out the front door. I thought for a moment that this little kitten would get out side and become some victim to foul play. As I got in to my car I said to my self "wait-a-minute." What is the big deal if this little kitten gets out of the house? I was amazed out how quickly my kids have formed this crazy belief that this cat can not go outside. All of a sudden, this cat is some fragile innocent that must be protected from the dangers of our little yard.

Let me explain before you form the opinion that I am some harsh person who does not care about the safety of this little beast. A wild (feral) cat decide to give birth to a litter of kittens under our front porch a few weeks ago. The cat was mean, hissing at us and the whole nine yards. We would catch a glimpse of the kittens late at night, but soon as our presence was detected they would scatter back under the porch. Well as time progressed the heard of little beast dwindled. The mother abandoned the kittens and all but one vanished. The last remaining kitten was as mean as it's mother. This little animal somehow survived during extreme temperatures (120 degrees), no water, no food to speak of. Once my kids realized that there was some poor animal in need of saving, they did as they have always done, they came to daddy bear. I was thinking, yeap another useless cat will be worm food soon, but noooooo. This cat has been given some God ordained mission in this household. So, I directed the kids to put out some milk and kibble for the beast. I not sure what consumed these staples, but every morning the dishes were empty. My kids began to spend countless hours setting in front of the porch trying to coax the little beast out from it's comfort zone; the hot-dusty and dark under porch regions. Their compassion and patients paid off. And soon they had this mean-ass kitten falling asleep in their arms.

So how did we formed this belief that if this cat gets outside it will not be able to take care of itself? Maybe my kids are trying to protect the neighborhood from this little beast. Anyway, this kitten is no fragile animal, it has a very strong will to survive and has already proven that in it's first few weeks of life. However, I wonder about the process of events that has made us forget the fact that this is a wild cat, born free, and very rugged in nature. I also wonder how many of us have formed the opinion that we can not do something because we have forgotten our wild and rugged nature of surviving? Just a thought from a cat that could.


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