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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"I have a Dream"

The morning sun was on the rise as a slight breeze warmed the cold slabs of granite. The trickle of the morning's traffic begins to spill out into the tree covered streets. I pause for breath as I climb up the numerous steps heading toward a gigantic stone statue of Abe Lincoln. My eyes dart around at the many spectacular sights revealing themselves to me as I gain altitude on my journey toward Abe. I look down at my feet and then up to the massive Washington Monument. I pause as my mind advises me to take another look at the writing carved in the stone slabs below my feet. As I look down once again, a moment of sober realization spreads through my entire being. The writing simple says " I have a Dream". It took only a fraction of time to understand the moment. I was standing in the exact location where Martin Luther King made his historic speech that has been seared into our history by four simple words; "I have a dream." I stopped and thought about the legacy this man has left. The tremendously difficult journey these four simple words have taken through time. These words, loudly spoken across the mall, coming from a visionary standing below another visionary; Abe Lincoln.

Every country has had moments in time that defined its future. This speech was one of those moments in the history of the United States. Civil unrest, murder, riots, and hatred followed as time went on. We all have a dream, and we all should be allowed to peacefully pursue that dream. But this is not a global concept. This concept is part of what the French labeled the "Great experiment." I get to live in a country where we can pursue our own dreams. In fact my visit to this site is a result of my pursuit of a dream. A dream to make a difference. But, I also somberly realize that many of us have made a choice to limit any dreaming. One of my dreams is to unleash the dreams of others. What is bigger than me, is not bigger than us. Just imagine the impact of moving forward, positively, the collective dream of freedom for all.


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