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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life on the road; a broken and twisted place!

I have a unique job, that I unfortunately can not talk about here. However, lately I have been on the road , a lot. Tonight I spent some time in the hotel bar watching people come and go. I observed the normal ritual of man chasing woman. I observed the lonely masses standing in crowd, screaming for acceptance and someone to share that elusive emotion we call love. I, in my finite wisdom, decide to retreat to my hotel room, safe and some what sound, turn on my Stevie Ray Vaughan CD and create this post.

I have been teaching leadership concepts to government agencies, developing training concepts, and attending master level executive leadership courses over the summer. I, like many others before me, have come to the conclusion that we(mankind) are a twisted bunch. It only takes a small amount of liquid courage and our walls of insecurity come crashing down. We search for someone, anyone, to just act like they care and we will do whatever we need to to grab hold of that fleeting moment of acceptance, and fake love. We live in a state of brokenness. Do we ever heal from our childhood? Do we ever recover from our hurt and rejection?

I think that the process of healing is a choice that we have no idea how to make. I have posted before about making choices beyond our understanding, here is one of the most important choices we need to make, yet we have no clue or understanding on how to proceed past our tear full and sleepless nights. Our dreams constantly haunt us. Keeping us on that edge of terror that the next moment of rejection is just around the corner. What is amazing to me is that we choose to live in this state. I hear people say " God has brought him/her to a place of brokenness." Wow, I do not think God has to do anything, we break ourselves, over and over again. We savory our brokenness. We search for someone to share in our brokenness and smile while we search. What madness we create for ourselves. I, personally am sick of my own brokenness and I am ready for change. I am ready for someone to come along and enjoy life with me as it was meant to be. How about you? Are you ready to live life as God meant it to be? Or are you like the masses down in the bar just wanting someone to come and accept you, even for a fleeting moment, in your brokenness?

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gogo said...

I think people maybe sometimes so afraid to reveal their inner-selves for fear of being hurt (again). It is worth the risk, I think, to reach out beyond this 'brokenness'...but the trust you place in someone with whom you wish to reveal yourself must be well-founded trust, as in this person must be trustworthy. Anyway, just a short note on the subject...

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