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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The loneliness of domestication.

My sixteen year old daughter took a picture of the mighty male lion at the L.A. Zoo some time ago. Recently we were reviewing some of our stock photos for a project and came across the picture. She told me that the picture made her sad. She continued, "He is a Lion, He is always in that same spot and he always seems so sad."

I have to be honest, I never thought of it like that, but she is right. He is a Lion. A lion who was made to be the king of the animal world, roaring loud and roaming free. He is supposed to be a symbol of all that is free and wild. Dominating the landscape and demanding a certain level of respect as his silhouette crests the horizon. But no, he is the lion at the Zoo, no wonder his ass is sad. Sometimes I can relate to Mr. lion. I feel as though the responsible life has placed me in the cage of domestication. Do not get me wrong, I have a wife who turns me loose from time to time. She gives me as much freedom as she dares. But I am like that lion in the Zoo. I have paced my cage so much that there is nothing new in here. I might as well just sit down in my favorite spot and just resign myself to the fact that the wild times running free on the open plains are gone. My teeth and claws are no more than just a novelty for passer-byes to say wow he must have been something in his day.

I would be lying if I stated that domestication suits me. I was born to roam the plains and to stand high on the horizon. The wilds of Mother nature beckon to me. She seduced me when I was young and I loved her with all my heart. Now I only get to see her from a jet window, or as I safely pass by in a car. People warn me of her dangers as we all set safely in our cages of domestication. Are you like me, ready for another wild adventure at the edge of danger? Free from the safe and routine life we have created for ourselves?


Anonymous said...

The cage that you speak of, was built by you. You made the size and the shape by the choices you made. We all made the cage which we live in. Some of us built it large on one side so that the passer-byes can get a good look at us. Others make that side so small that even light has hard time getting thru.
We all have the strenght it takes to move the cages boundries, but choose not too. Are we so comfortable there or are we too afraid of not knowing where the new boundreis will be laid?
If you truely had no cage, lived the way you wanted. You would soon be looking for the safety of the cage, would you not?

Anonymous said...

FNL, what a great response. I think you are right on target. I think we have several different "cages" in which we live. The question of no cage is a great one. I will have to explore that and post a response to that one. TB

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