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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pursuing Freedom will cost you big time.

Never forgetting those lost to the pursuit of freedom is only a small fraction of our patriotic duties. America, and I am sure many other countries as well, have paid a heavy cost for this belief of having the right to pursue freedom for all. I have come to a place where I think we really do not understand what the sacrifice paid for. Millions of men and women had their life taken from them as they stood an ambiguous line between human freedom and shear treachery. These days, Americans seem to be willing to live with more treachery than freedom. The idea of losing more lives does not equal a good return on investment. Maybe this is because we do not understand the investment. Or we do not think we will garner any benefits directly from the return of said investment? I think our forefathers thought about us more than we think about our children's children. I have always enjoyed when someone else paid my debt's for me. However that does not happen very often. My family has been in America since 1722. We have stepped up to pay any debt asked of us. My family has paid in blood, on numerous continents and in every major American conflict I know of. We know the cost of this freedom. However, we also know that paying this cost often does not seem fair, nor a debt we should pay with American lives. Reconciling the issues of losing Americans for a people who will not pay their own price for freedom seems foolish. I think there should be some thought placed on adding the return of our investment on the monuments that give tribute to those who paid the cost. If the return on investment is too embarrassing to place on the monument, then maybe we should not make that investment. If my son or daughter is to pay the cost for freedom, I want to know what that cost paid for! And, I am not going to accept some lame excuse. We will, as always step up with honor, but let the people that are paying the price know what they are buying. We should let the other countries pay for their own freedom, like we have done for over 230 years.


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