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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two creatures that changed mankind.

When one looks back on the history of mankind, it becomes obvious that the course of man's life has been drastically changed by two creatures.

The horse changed how, we men, moved about. The horse made it possible for us to travel great distance. We created Calvary to triumph over our enemies. We used horses as a status symbol. They helped us till the land and grow food. The horse became iconic throughout history. I can not think of another animal in the animal kingdom that has been so influential as a horse.

Then there is woman. Humm, well all I am going to say is this, If it wasn't for women, we men, would still be living in caves and throwing sticks at dinner. Which, I might add, sometimes seems better than this great female invention we call civilization.

1 Comment:

gogo said...

Thank you for not making the headlines with the inclusion of the word...'nag'

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