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Monday, August 06, 2007

Wife training 101

Once upon a time, there lived a young couple who had big dreams. The young man knew he would have to some how train his new wife in such a way that she would appreciate anything he provided for her in the future. At first, this seemed to be a puzzle. After all, his new wife was born of that stubborn Scottish/English blood line. The young man soon realized that he would have to take his wife back in time and conduct the training the old fashion way. So when the opportunity arose to inhabit a real Indian dwelling, he took it. Well, long story short, The romantic interlude of Tepee living did the trick. In fact his young wife become so useful, she started to refer to herself as the young mans lovely squaw. She learned to get up early and get her chores done quickly so she could enjoy the day with her husband. The moon lite evenings were full on close intimate talks about the future to come.

As the young couple grew closer they grew out of the Tepee and into a modern home. A home with running hot water and switches that made lights come on. The wife was so thankful for all of these "little" things that she never felt the need to go out and waste money on useless shoe collections. Yep, it as been the little things that has brought happiness to this couple. Things like sitting together and watching the sun go down, or getting up early and taking a stroll through their private garden while sipping hot coffee in the cool morning air.

This story may seem sarcastic, but in truth, We both learned that life is sweet when savoring the simple things with the one you love. I think all to often we forget to savor life's simple treasures and lose ourselves pursuing life's complexities. I often look back at our time in the Tepee and smile. Although I joked about the wife training, I think we both trained each other during that time of living on necessity. What a great way to start a long friendship. I still affectionately refer to her as my lovely little squaw ;) .


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