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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In search of life's hidden path.

Recently I read three articles from very different sources. One article, in the locale news paper, covered the transforming event/s of the former lead guitarist, Brian Welch, from the band Korn. There is a quote from him that states "I had a spiritual encounter that took me higher than any drug I've ever done. It was real-100 percent without a doubt I know I had an encounter with God. I quit Korn within a couple of weeks and I was delivered from drugs and alcohol." (Daily News / Monday, September 3, 2007/ News -pg 3) The article was an interesting read by itself. However, I was exposed to this account after reading two other pieces of work.

The second article is from a Blog called Aventurefaith. This is evidently a part of a larger piece of work published in a magazine called Relevant. The author talks about his search for the true God. I happen to know this author, Mike, personally, and know that he has been on the path of Christianity for a long time. However, it would appear that this path has not been exciting enough, nor does it seem that the author is convinced about the whole church scene as he searches for the meaning of it all. In the end he seems to arrive back at his starting point, a feeling of God's love.
The third piece of literature that I read this week comes from a book my wife purchased for me. I am still puzzled why she bought me a book called, " The great Philosophers", (Stangroom, Garvey- Metro books, 2007) Anyway, on page 18, the authors discuss Aristotle's search for the meaning of Virtue. Aristotle states, "Virtue consists in choosing the mean between two extremes, that is, in feeling and acting rightly given all the peculiar circumstances of a situation."

As I reflect on the three pieces of literature, I am amazed by the convergence of the two paths.
Two men, with what I would call two opposing sides of the extreme scale, coming to a similar point, or mean. Both men have been searching for life's true path, just in different forests. They would have both, most likely shied away, if not rejected, each other in their quest for God's love.
I wonder how many of us are on our own quest for God's love? How many of us are searching for that hidden path that leads us to the good life? How many of us even know what that good life looks like? I have seen many people living a good life bored to death. Why do we always want what we do not have, no matter how good we have it? The irony is that Aristotle in his argument, touches on the fact that fellowship and friendship are key. He states " Genuine virtue requires not only fellowship with equals, but sometimes self-sacrifice of varying sorts. Without friends, such action is not possible, and therefore a fully virtuous life is not possible. Friends afford the opportunity for goodness and happiness." (Stangroom, Garvey, pg 19)
Maybe God is closest to us when we finally learn to forget ourselves. Maybe our path becomes hidden because of our blinding ego. Maybe our understanding that giving away is the only real way to get what we seek. What do you think?


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