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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reality Check

Here is an intresting issue.

"An increasing number of children are being diagnosed as bipolar. A study published in September 2007 held a shocking statistic: In the nine years between 1994 and 2004, the number of people under the age of 20 diagnosed with bipolar disorder leapt from 20,000 to 800,000—a 40-fold increase.

The numbers prompt both alarm and controversy. Are instances really increasing that rapidly, or are psychiatrists being overly aggressive with the diagnosis? Do we even know if symptoms seen in children indicate the same mental illness those symptoms represent in adults?" (http://health.msn.com/general/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100170345&GT1=10412)

So, we have a ton (800,00) of kids under the age of 20 being diagnosed with a mental illness that makes a person go from extreme happy to extreme depression, often.



His Girl Friday said...

I wonder if this is a reflection of today's society, or more awareness of something that has always been with us. I will have to think some more on this, although I find the increasing numbers disturbing if it is accurately portrayed to today's fraying fabric of society and family.

Talking Bear said...

Well HGF, I would have to go with the fact that it is a portrayal of society in some form. I agree with you that the jury is still out in what it is portraying. It is VERY alarming to see such jump in numbers, especially when it is kids we are dealing with. I hope you post some more thoughts on this. Thanks for stopping by SBH.

Anonymous said...

Being the kid of a shrink, I think that the problem has always been with us, and with technology improving every day, it is easier to see more of the brain and what is going within it. With that being said, I also think that "bipolar" has become a buzz word. It is to easy for parents to use it as a crutch, as to not have to deal with what is really going on with thier kids.
It is so easy to get a DR to write a script, especialy if you are a parent.
Kids today feel like they are floundering and that there is no hope for the future.( at least the ones that I deal with)
I think that we have always had people that are "bipolar", but its just easy to peg or point too.

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