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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Warriors 'N' Whiskey, What a wonderful world.

An Irish orator, philosopher, & politician once made a comment that has echoed through recent history. He said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke(1729 - 1797) I think this is a great statement. In my twisted reasoning I would have to come to the conclusion then, that in order to triumph over evil good men need to do something. However this twisted reasoning brings me to this question, why do good men choose to do nothing in the face of evil?

I would love to ask Edmund a few questions. Questions like, what does he think good people fear most, the triumph of evil or their personal destruction? Is it wrong for a good person to be scared of evil? Does he think that the majority of good people are too weak in character to endure a encounter with evil?

In the "fight" against evil, there seems to me to be two distinct factions of good people. Those who are from the faith based sector and those from the warrior class sector. Both sectors have strong points and weak points as they stand up to evil. One is more passive and one more aggressive. One confronts the perception of evil and one deals with evil straight forward. The warrior class tends to weed out the weak pretty quickly since there is no room for such weakness in a head to head encounter with evil.

I have had the privilege of being associated with some of the world's finest "warrior classes". It did not take me long to make some observations about the cost of standing up to evil, as Mr. Burke would have us all do if we claim the title of a good person. There seems to be a strong correlation between standing up against evil and surviving with "getting one's drink on". I am not talking about those who safely stay away from dark places and pray that some one will face the evil outside. I am talking about those who will walk outside and stand face to face with this evil. These individuals continue to risk life, peace, and the perception that this is a wonderful world in order for others to sit and do nothing, accept judge them for how they stood against this evil.

I have a good friend, who I have painfully watched over the years. He is, in my mind, a good person. He has stood against evil on countless occasions. He comes from a faith based family in the mid-west. He served his country within the most elite units, as well as, a career as a peace keeper. He is on his third marriage, he is counting his sober days, and I would still want him by my side when it comes to an encounter with evil. I have another friend that I love to death, however, I would be scared to have with me in an encounter with evil. He is strong founded in a faith based organization. He would choose to pray about what he should do in the face of evil. As for myself, I started out going to college to be a pastor. I ended up as a Marine, I have 17 years with a Law enforcement based job. I have been offered pastoral postions which I have turned down. I have several friends who are Pastors, several friends who are warriors, and several friends that are peace keepers. I myself am no saint. When I tell you there is a huge cost in Edmunds calling for good men to take a stand, I am speaking from my own torn path.

Please, correct me if you feel I am out of line, but honestly, when it is time to strike, it is time to strike. I can only imagine God saying, what on earth are you doing asking me what to do, get busy my son. I realize that there is a time to pray and seek whatever it is that God gives us in this matter. But there is also a time to stand and face this evil, even if we do it as we piss ourselves with fear. Do we not believe that our God will make the most out of our feeble attempt to stand his ground? Why do good people choose to stay idle inside, and allow evil to triumph?


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