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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weaving the threads of life into the cloth of Character

There is no easy way to grasp the complexities of character. We seemed to know the absence of character, but we struggle to identify the origin and developmental process of character. We generally recognize that this elusive subject has something to do with subjective concepts like: principles, values, morals, and traits. We often over look the process that is needed to bind these concepts together to form character. This process seems to be founded in action, conflict, experience, and ultimately some form of reflection. Character is not formed by accident, nor within a conflict free environment.

True character can not be conveniently shed in the moment in order to blend into the masses or avoid confrontation. when one explores this process of binding the threads of character, one may come to a conclusion that personal courage or fortitude may be a part of the binding agent that holds these threads in place. Like a loom, the tighter a thread is pulled, the stronger the cloth becomes. Can we weave a fabric of character without this process?

In order to weave our character cloth we must first gather the needed thread. Then we must place these threads into action. Testing the strength of our cloth as we go through life. We are constantly adjusting the tension on life's loom to try and get that perfect look and feel that we want. Where do we learn how to weave such a cloth? Where do we find the needed tension in today's society to create strong character? The American family has failed to produce the needed resilience of the thread. the American education system has failed to hold true to the standards needed to produce diverse threads. The Judeo-Christian church has failed to provide opposing tension to the consistently compromising world view. Children are no longer safe to playfully explore their budding character unsupervised in our communities.

We protect our families by removing ourselves from the social process that used to help develop our character. Society accepts no responsibility for any morals, values, and principles. General society has succeeded in removing all but the weakest opportunities to develop one's character. We learn without living. We live without solid connections to our convictions. Our convictions seemed to be based on monetary value and abandoned to the highest bidder. So where do we find this loom that is still producing a quality cloth of character?



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