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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Attitude, orientating towards success.

Aircraft have a gauge that tells the pilot the aircraft's orientation as it pertains to the horizon. This is known as the attitude gauge. This is one of many gauges, but it is one of the important gauges to pay attention to if a pilot wishes to stay healthy. I like the gauge to the left because it discerns, with color, the difference between dirt and air. If all you see is brown, hello, your going to land the aircraft in an undesirable fashion. The Space Shuttle would see a lot of blue on take off. I am sure you get the picture.

A pilot can "input" responses into several control mechanisms to adjust the aircraft's attitude. Thus, keeping the aircraft headed towards the intend destination. Knowing how to manipulate the aircraft's controls is how pilots make their money. But how do we as individuals control our own attitude? Our personal attitude is just as important to control or direct. Having a goal, plan, or destination is extremely helpful in our efforts in directing our attitude. But I am not going to go into that at the moment. Just know that we need to have a direction in which we wish to go. Controlling attitude is about movement, not sitting on a couch and wishing for something to happen.

What I am going to discuss is the three main things that allow us to control our own attitudes. Attitudes are different than our beliefs. We will associate beliefs here as kinda like the shape and size of an aircraft. Beliefs can help us or limit us depending on how far we want to fly, or what kind of mission we want to fly. However, regardless of the shape and size of our "aircraft" we will need to learn to control our attitude.

Attitude is the core element that ties three areas of our lives together. These three areas are: our behavior, our feelings, and our thinking. Often times people do not realize that all three of these represent our choices. We have the ability to control, manipulate, and direct all three of these domains to control our attitude.

Follow me on this, Do our behaviors affect our feelings? Do our feelings affect our thoughts? Do our thoughts affect our behaviors? On the reverse, do our behaviors affect our thoughts? Do our thoughts affect our feelings? and do our feelings affect our behaviors? In the past I posted on the Power of pants. That post was about how we can have some input on our attitude by what we wear. You may have heard, or read, information on the power of positive thought. This too, is a great way to control attitude. Out of three areas of attitude control, it is easiest to start by picking one area that we know we can affect. Some people choose to start with their behavior. If I act like this, then I can become that. This is a valid choice. Some folks will try and control the way they feel. For me this is the hardest of the three to start with.

I tend to focus on the behavior I think has the biggest negative affect on how we think. This behavior is called "Self-talk". We tend to beat the crap out of our selves day in and day out. The constant self abuse has a profound affect on our attitude. What do we constantly tell ourselves? This is why I posted "I believe in you." We must stop beating ourselves down with negative self talk. If we can affect this area of behavior, we will affect the other two. And before you know it we will be airborne and on our way to success. Sounds too simple to be effective? Yes it does. But does it work? Very much so! It is your choice, however. You can choose to fly around in circles and feel like you're not going anywhere. Or, you can start controlling your attitude and take off in any direction you want to.


1 Comment:

His Girl Friday said...

I do believe attitude is a choice. I like the wheel of thoughts, feelings, behaviors..they do all affect each other. It's so easy sometimes to let one thing 'ruin' the day, so to speak; the negative can just build on itself. conversly so can the positive, it's just that sometimes it seems the 'angry' comes so easy and you have to work at the 'positive'.

I think also your mention of 'self-talk' is important. Often times we are hardest on ourselves. The world can be a hard enough place. We deserve to be our own best friend in the sense of honest critique of things needing attention; and also encouragement to improve and congratulations for things well done, not in a pompous narcissistic way, just in a 'building up' kind of way.

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