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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It is hard to be tuff when.....

I have to admit, I love the Puss-n-Boots character in the Shrek movies. To be more specific, I love his little whimpering cat with the big sad eyes move. He seems so fragile and harmless, then he springs in to action and kicks the living crap out of his opponent.

I have one of those tuff guy jobs and often times I am forced to act tuff. Recently this was hard to do, I kinda felt like little ole Puss-n-Boots, for a moment. As I ready myself for work, I go through this mental changing of gears. I put on my hero suit, check my weapons to insure their readiness, get my mind into a state of toughness, then I take one last look into the mirror to insure I have completed my tuff guy persona. As I looked in the mirror, expecting to see the tuff persona I have seen for the last 17 years, something caught my eyes that just decimated the mental image I was sure I would see. Some how I had managed to acquire a significant amount of "Barbie Sprinkles" on my face. I immediately started to investigate this travesty. How the hell did this happen? How can I confidently go out into the wilds engaging in high risk operations with the possibilities of displaying Barbie sprinkles on my face?

Well, the investigation revealed that am un-named 10 year old girl recently received a Barbie party gift that included said sprinkles. This child put sprinkles on everything she owned, including the recently acquired cat. The cat was more than willing to share the drama as it jumped up on my pillow and decided to take a nap. I often times retreat to the rack in a dark environment and did not see the extent of the cat's sharing. Wa la!, I now had Barbie sprinkles all over my face. Do you have any Idea how hard it is to scold a 10 year old girl when your face is covered with Barbie sprinkles? She likened me to none other than that little cat called Puss-n- Boots.


Peajay said...

I always knew you were a big pussy-cat yourself TB, and now I have a whole other vision to add to the kooky one of you I already have. Barbie Sprinkles!! Nice!! :DDDD LMHO.

Anonymous said...

Sure, blame the kid!!

Talking Bear said...

FNL, You got that right!!!

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