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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mikhail Weller

"An unlucky person is not someone who has little of something, but someone who suffers and is miserable because of the need for more."

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His Girl Friday said...

oh, that's a good quote! When is enough, enough!?! I think we are built with a need to acquire, to build, to better ourselves, not only to provide a safe haven for ourselves, but for our children.

(Then of course, there are those who have this need to conquer and expand, as history shows in various degrees.)

I think it's ok to want to build, improve our situations, gain 'things', but we have to be careful to appreciate these things...and to realize they are not the most important. It Is an unlucky person who does not recognize and appreciate the relationships of friends and family...which should be above any aquisition.
It's like the child who whines for a new toy, only once received he doesn't appreciate it, and then whines for a new better one!

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