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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Power of Choice

As one of the oldest games handed down to us through history, chess is one the greatest tools to teach life. This board game slowly reveals its multi dimensional depth to the student. The lessons begin with learning the simple movements of the pieces. Once mastery of the pieces is completed, then the real depth of the game is learned. This may take a life time, as chess encompasses strategy, philosophy, advanced mathematics, and an understand of the human nature. The dimensions of chess is what makes it so tempting to utilize as a training tool to teach the depths of life. Among all of life's lessons to be learned, the power of choice should be among first for us. This lesson, the dynamics of choice, is what I want to explore in this post.

The moves on a chess board quickly reveal to the opposing sides that choice and consequence reign. A thoughtless action, an overlooked consequence will soon have it's sting upon the careless, reckless, and hasty player. As one's experience grows in this battle between queens and kings, insight into human choice begins to unveil itself. The player who learns how to present choice in such a way, where the opposition chooses a desired path, understands the power of choice. This power of choice can then be applied to life. What I am referring to is much bigger, more powerful, and incredibly more effective than the simple "this or that" choice presentation we have all been given in the past.

We all want to feel like we have a choice. Most of us do not like feeling that we have no power to choose our path. We do not like that feeling we get when our voice, our personal validation, or our vested interest does not matter to situational outcomes. We must have choice. Knowing this gives the knowledge bearer a huge advantage. Learning how to present choices to others may be the most powerful skill life has kept hidden. What do you think?


1 Comment:

Peajay said...

Ah hah! That explains why I always preferred Draughts!! :D

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