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Monday, October 01, 2007

Staying the course in life's dark hours.

For the past several weeks I have been posting on character issues. As I sit here in the quiet late night hours I was asking myself, " how do we stay the course?" I started to read a post on the problems with the constant shifting of paradigms. I understand the dangers of this, however, I also realize that many of us need to shift many of the beliefs that we formed unwillingly or unconsciously in our early years. I wonder though, how many of us have actually identified what our values, principles and beliefs are? If these things are the foundation stones of our character then how come we fail to honestly identify them and write them down in order to navigate by them when life gets rough? I came across a great example of written personal values on a web site. I thought that this was a great tool to help stay the course when it comes to being who we want to be. There are times when life's most important choices have to be made in the dark foggy moments. A compass of values and principles would be handy to guide our choice. Creating a written statement of who I am and why would help define my character, or at least I think it would. A map of character to navigate by. I think that it is too easy to run aground without such a tool. what do you think?



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