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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A trip to the movie rental store

Earlier in the week my wife and I went to the movie rental store to see what was out, and to rent some cheap entertainment. Our selection, Evan Almighty, Surf's Up, and Room 1408. Now that I have viewed these movies, I think this combination is like a peanut butter sandwich with dill pickles and chocolate syrup. The lady at the counter stated that if we returned the movies in a day we would get a $1.00 off each rental. When you're married to a woman with Scottish blood you know you are going to see all three movies, one right after the other, so she can get her 3 bucks. Let me just say that this movie combination, seen consecutively, might land you in a psych ward. Being me, bent mind and all, I enjoyed the experience.

I thought that I would dislike Evan Almighty, but the movies message of acts of random kindness (ARK) was agreeable to me. Change the world by doing acts of kindness randomly. This message is not new, we saw the concept in "Pay it Forward." However, Evan Almighty used humor and Morgan Freeman as God. The churchy types may get offened by the spin off of Noah, but the movie does have a great message and the churchy types could change the world if they applied the message....Hello?!
My wife and I both thought that "Surf's up" was going to be a test of endurance. This movie is a kids flick about Penguins surfing. Sweet little penguins hanging ten for over an hour, get the no doze. But, to my surprise this movie also had a great message. What matters most in life is not winning, but the relationships we have. OK, I was doing good. I survived two of the three and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy. Now quick, put in the newest of the Steven King Horror movies to cap off the night.
Room 1408 is a real mind bender in the true Steven King fashion. It took about 30 seconds for the little ones to leave the room. I hate horror movies, but my wife promised some special cuddles if I sat and watched it with her. I really liked this movie. I am not sure of the intended message, and I may be the only one on this planet that got this from the movie but here is what I thought. This movie is about making peace, or at least facing, our deepest fear based emotions. A haunted room and a hurting soul made for one hell of a roller coaster ride. (pun intended) Our minds are full of bad memories, sometimes we just need to learn to live with them because they are not going to go away.
The next movie night we have, I think I might be brave enough to have chips and salsa with that sandwich.

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gogo said...

Well, for all that bluster, sir you did enjoy the evening!! Especially when I bought you that decadent chocolate ice cream with that 3 dollars I saved...not to mention the special cuddles that came later!! ;DDDDD

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