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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What is "unlived truth"?

DL Moody made a great statement when he said, “Our great problem is the problem of trafficking in unlived truth”, but what does it really mean? Thanks to the wide spread drugs and drug dealings, we all understand the term of "trafficking." But, in an effort to keep a solid level of understanding, let's take a look at that word. The word trafficking, in this context, could mean: buying and selling, commercial dealings, mutual exchange or communication, contact between groups. These are some of the definitions from the dictionary, so you can see why it is important to come to an agreement to what trafficking means in this context. Given DL Moody's life and mission, I am going to lean towards the "mutual exchange through communication."

Now for the hard part, "unlived truth." This has resonated in my brain housing group for the last several days. What is unlived truth? I started exploring this concept with the opposite understanding, lived truth. At first, this almost sounds like a redundant phrase. But let me attempt to provide an analogy of what I think the difference is. Would you/someone mess around with a bomb if you did not know anything about bombs? Most of us would quickly say "no." This is unlived truth at its best. The reality is the only people that mess around with bombs are those who really do not know about bombs. The people who know about bombs do not mess with them, they tend to try and detonate them in place without messing with it. Lived truth.

So how does this concept apply to D L Moody's statement? How do we get to a life full of lived truths? I think the first step may be in understanding what our truths are. This in of it self sometimes takes a life time to define. Then, if you have any kind of life span left after defining your truths, you must base your choices and actions off of them. It would seem to me, that truth becomes more important as we age. While in our youth we tend to live worrying more about unlived compromises, or unlived income potentials. Maybe we should slow down a moment and listen to our older, more mature generations and take heed to that which they regret not paying attention to in their youth.



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