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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A brief conversation with brother Elk

Well, this story takes place in the great state of Colorado. We were deer and Elk hunting up in the northwest corner of the state. I had a deer and cow tag but had not seen either on this day. Being late November, the air was a crisp 1 degree and climbing as the day drew on. I was very tired from helping my partners dress out their filled tags and decide to wander off on my own and find a place to take a nap. Although it is one of the BIG no nos of hunting, I love to hunt by myself. The solitude and oneness I feel with nature is almost addicting.

I found a wonderful rock outcrop on top of a big mesa over looking a panoramic valley floor. the sun was bright and warm and I laid down, pulled my hat over my eyes and began to dose off. A short time later I hear what sounds like some one running up to me. With a lazy affair I rolled over onto my side and sat up. Standing before me was a young spike bull elk. He was about 25 feet from me, huffing and puffing. Now Bull Elk are like a wild stallion with horns. Getting close to them is a bad idea. As I sat there looking at this wonderful creature, his neck, chest and hind quarters showing his approaching masculinity. His eyes gleaned with a serious intent as his lungs were searching for enough air to keep him going. I knew immediately that he was no joke and if he wanted to, he could have hurt me in a bad way. I swear we had some kind of Mr. Spock mindmelt conversation without any words actually being spoken. It went something like this.

The elk (E)"Hey dude whats up."

Me (M)"Nothing, I am just taking a nap"

(E)"You know there are some stupid ass hunters that don't realize they are not supposed to shoot at me over there?" We both look over toward the east, in the direction he had approached by.

(M) " Yea, they keep shooting over my head too."

(M) "Hey you see any deer around?"

(E) "No, unlike my dumb ass they took off early this morning"

(E) "You know you kinda of smell like a cow, and with your tan clothes...."

(M)"Easy now"

(E) I am just saying..."

(M) " Where you heading?"

(E) "I am not sure, I am trying to find my herd"

(M) I think I saw them go down the draw earlier"

(E) "Really?, I thought they were over that way" We both look to the west,

(M)" Well, Good luck"

(E) "You too, see ya" .

I laid back down as he walked away. A short time later he comes back by. This time he slows but does not stop. I think I heard him say " You're right, they are not over there either, bye."

As I returned to my hunting group and told them the story they all shook their heads and laughed. "Only you", they said " would have such an encounter." Like I said, I love to get out by myself and absorb nature at her best.



storyteller said...

You certainly have a way with words and know how to tell a good story. Getting off by yourself seems to provide good material. Did that Elk know he was talking to a Bear I wonder?

Talking Bear said...

Hummmm, Sorry for some of the words lower verbal scale, but hunting is a primal thing and most of my hunting buddies do not share a "rich" vocabulary, LOL

I think the Elk was as confused about the encounter as I was...LOL

Anonymous said...

If your idea of getting with nature includes cross dressing like a bull.... hmmmmmmmmm. I am beging to wonder..

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