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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Day after Thanksgiving Blogging, OMG

I do not know if it is just me and my desk top, but, Blogging today reminded me of trying to shop on the day after Thanksgiving. EVERY link, web site, and blog seemed to load at a rate from the ice age. I am wondering if everyone and their brother sat down in front of a computer today to surf the net. Some of my blog friends reported the same issues.

I had to laugh at myself this afternoon. I was getting frustrated and mad at the whole circus. Then I thought to myself, wow, I have gotten spoiled. I have become so used to broadband speeds that I forgot about the time I thought that 14400Kb dial up was smoking fast. It is funny how we get used to things. Like when I was in my 20s paying $1.80 for a gallon of gas was outrageous. Today I had to pay $3.75 and did not bat an eye over it. Anyway, I hope all the Thanksgiving surfers enjoy the net as much as I enjoyed my turkey dinner. :)


storyteller said...

So, my problems were shared today and my computer isn't failing after all :)

Hmmm ... such is life (though I'm much relieved). As long as we're walking down memory lane ... in my 20s (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) gasoline cost 35 cents/gallon and we thought we were being ripped off when it went to 50 cents. Of course, I earned $440/month the first year I taught school (in the mid-60s) and was thrilled to have money to spend after working my way through college as a "Playground Director" earning $1.49/hour. How things change. G'nite Chet :)
Hugs and blessings,

Em said...

The day after Thanksgiving was crazy everywhere! I noticed the internet being very slow. I was trying to order some holiday gifts online and many sites where so busy that the server sent a message requesting for return at a later time due to how busy everything was. Stores were crowded and everyone and their mother were out shopping on this Black Friday!

$1.80/gallon of gas! That is incredible! The lowest I ever remember gas being is probably $2.29/gallon. My grandpa has told me stories of when gasoline was 19 cents a gallon. I can't even imagine gas being that cheap but then again it is all relative. Back in the era he is referring to a gallon of milk was a quarter oppossed to $4 today. A loaf of bread was five cents instead of $3 or $4 a loaf. A pack of gum was two cents oppossed to $1.29 a pack. Prices have certainly gone up over the last couple decades but so has people's income. My grandpa was a carpenter and made less than one dollar an hour. Most lead carpenters today make over $30 an hour depending on their location and the company they are employed by.

Talking Bear said...

Ladies, Let me introduce th etwo of you, Em meet ST, ST meet Em. I can remember when gas was .45 cents a gallon, I was like 5 years old and we had a 1950s chevy belair, black and yellowish. That was before our copper impala. Anyway, Times have changed and now we whine about bauds rates and slow refresh times. My grandparents would be lost with it all.

Hugs and polite kisses.....

JHS said...

Whoa! Just a minute little partner. I ain't no grandpa, yet, but I remember gas at 16 cents per gallon (that is back when there was a cent symbol on the typewrite keys, that’s a big keyboard fer ya young’ns). Ever since we gone to dis'hear come-pooter we ain't got no sense (I mean cents). Pardon my English, but I learned on a ty-per-writ-er.

Gal-dern Talking Bear, I worried when gas went to 28 cents a gallon cause I did not know if my $15.00 a week paycheck would cover driving to school, then to work and then to a date with my high school sweetie.

I hope you can all read this. I typed this slowly, cause I know’d that in ta-days schools some can’t read very fast. ;-)

Talking Bear said...

JHS,, ROFL..<---that means Rolling on Floor Laughing there ya old timer....;) You are funny. I still have my type writer. My first had no cord (non-electric). My Pa (Father) for the younger readers) is still kicking at the age of 90. I have heard all the old time stories, and was made to experince some of them ( hurricane lamps, Lard cooking, shucking your own corn cobb). My dad talks about a time when he worked for 25cents a day. anyway, I enjoyed your comment, it brought a smile to my face. Yes, My kids have no clue about such things. My Dad's childhood saw the invetion of radio. My childhood saw the expansion of television go from black and white sign off at the end of the day to 999 stations on all the time. My children get to see the world of the come-pooter. I pains me to see items I used daily as a child in the antique stores.

I am suprised that an old timmer could read the small dark posts....LOL

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