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Monday, November 05, 2007

Defining a life time with character.

Imagine every tree that you have ever seen looking exactly the same; every branch, every trunk, every leaf having the same shape,dimensions, and color. Wouldn't that be boring? Nature has shown us that character differences complement each other well when set side by side in a sea of diversity.

Imagine judging the character of a tree when it is still a sapling. This action would be premature and not a good measure of the trees' future potential. Trees reveal their true character over a period of many years, enduring many hardships, and challenging the patience of time.

Now, imagine judging the character of a child before it's life is given the time to define it's character. How can we foresee the many hardships set before a life? How can we predetermine how that life will be defined by those hardships? Maybe this is why we do not see defined character in younger generations; they are still growing into giant oaks, or slender pines. There does come a point in a life when all can see what has been defined by it's sagas. We can see which branches buffet the winds of change and bear the fruit of maturity.

This is the stage of life that causes much concern. More and more trees are starting to look a like. Character differences are starting to be shaped by conformity and blandness. The growing branches have been tied down and stunted by ignorance and fear. How dare you allow your branches to reach to the heavens proclaiming your independence. Why can't you just be like the rest of the Forest? Why do you have to be special? What makes you think you were made to be a redwood, growing amongst common pines? You are just an ugly sapling that will never define itself with any regal character traits so you might as well just accept that while you can. Does any of this sound familiar? Are you tired of others stunting your ability to define who and why you are?

I believe we are all given a wonderful seed of character. The question is how are you defining that sapling with your life?


Em said...

Wow TB, that was really a cool post. You bring the real life concept of judging others in a very understandable way. Nature would be very boring if all the trees looked the same. This world will also be very boring if everyone was the same and has the same personality. It is good to have a variety of characteristics.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Em, ;)

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