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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Do we dare dance in the devil's den?

Along my journey’s path I found the winds of hate buffeting me. I have heard the roar of rejection. I have seen despair’s path of sorrow. I have tasted the bitterness of ignorant hate. And I have felt the chilling cold of loneliness. I have wondered why humans seemed to be so prone to fading away from the goodness of our childhood and mature into creatures of mistrust, dislike, and disbelief? It seems to me that there is a constant battle between good and evil that transcends the barrier between intangible and the tangible. The Bible speaks of such conflict but, We often do not realize that this canvas of conflict is actually a real and touchable saga. I have always said " all an adult is, is a grown up injured child." I feel that it is these injuries that drive us away from our driving nature. These injuries, unresolved, unhealed, and ignored fester like a poisonous sting until we began to hate, fear and reject as adults.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "The moment we indulge our affections, the earth is metamorphosed, there is no winter and no night; all tragedies, all ennuis, vanish, all duties even." I believe he was on to something here. The understanding of the strength our affections have over our emotional childhood injuries. Our innate affections, given to us by God, are our most viable prescription to the hate and fear that swarms around us. If we can just move toward these affections, release them within ourselves, pursue them, we just might be able to break free of those oppressive emotional childhood injuries.

However, we must always understand that evil has been given authority over this earth. We are dwelling in the devil's den, and joyful dancing is not well accepted. This fact is what spans statements like "no good turn goes unpunished." Imagine, a place where only a 100 individuals unleashed such internal affections. Would you not want to seek this group out. Would you not want to be apart of such a group. A group where acceptance, joy, peace, honor flourished would create a huge epic center in today's harsh realities.

The next time you encounter the absence of affection, just think about what kind of childhood injury your offender has. Think for a moment about how to counteract that ugly spirit and create positive change. Make no mistake, it is not easy. Ignoring the salt in your own wounds will not be pleasant, but indulging your own affections will take courage and fortitude. You will be repeatedly tempted to repay hate for hate, fear for fear, anger for anger. But what will that change? How will that win the day? What injuries will that heal? It is time for us, if we dare, to dance the dance of our affections while we are in the devil's den.



storyteller said...

Just as you don't relate to the "Zen Cards" I've quoted "per se" but the "messsages" conveyed in my posts somehow "resonate" ... I'm having difficulty with some of your terminology in this post (ie "dancing in the devil's den" and "evil has been given authority over this earth") perhaps because they harken back to my "harsh Dutch Reformed roots" ... (smiling here as I search for words ... realizing how easy it is to be misunderstood in this type of format) ...

I'm inclined to agree with Emerson (and with you if you're suggesting we practice forgiveness, non-judgment, acceptance, etc to build bridges rather than repeat the same old fear-based responses that get us nowhere). Seeing through the fear, anger and defensiveness in others to the underlying pain that prompts them to behave in such ways (by remembering our own hurtful experiences and empathizing) can lead to surprising results of the most uplifting kind.

As I type, what comes to mind is the Peace Alliance seeking to get Congress to establish a Dept. of Peace (an outgrowth of Renaissance Unity I believe) as an example of what can happen when people approach old problems in innovative ways.

Methinks that's the best I can do at the moment. You know if you give me a shovel, I'll dig through a pile of poop to find the pony (no matter how dirty or smelly I get) ... right?
Hugs and blessings,

Talking Bear said...

ST, Yes, I would imgine that a Ducth Reform background would cause some pause with some of the terms in this post. The terms are related to God given the devil dominion over the earth, per Genesis.

We do agree with the rest of th epost, and you did preceive it correctly.

I find it intresting that so many religons have so many parallel concepts. I do hawever have a very strong filter when it comes to faith, although I have been able to be accepting of others with different faiths, I am rooted in mine. I you go back in to the blog post you will see that I hammer my faith and not anyone elses. I really like the pursuit of peace and harmony found in some of the other faiths.

Forgivness is huge and often under rated.

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