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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Home Schooling and Blogger

Well as a home school parent, I try to create opportunities for my kids to explore their potential. I have found that my blogging adventures have been very useful in this endeavour. When my oldest, "bear cub 1", was around 12, she advised me that she wanted to get into graphic arts design. So, we started to find ways to help her and promote her. We sent her to Photo Shop school, Bought her a digital camera and she is learning about photography,
When she was 14 we produced a fundraising concert and had her do all the graphics work (http://www.campitorproductions.com/gallery/CDposter.jpg) we started a small business, (http://www.campitorproductions.com/), which she is still building. She helped design this blog, we learned about giving back through micro financing with Kiva and helping the financially challenged around the world by making loans. Now at 16, we are exploring the world of retail and product creation. On the left side of the blog you will find a "button" for "The SBH Store". We have only just started this endeavour but there are a few items now in the store. We will no doubt change the LOOK of the store front once we get our feet under us. Here is a look at 5 of the simple items she has put together for now.

Our little cub did all the graphics on these from pictures we have taken while out exploring the woods. Please enjoy the journey with us, there is more to come. My challenge to the SBH readers is to give some honest feedback, and tell us what you might like to see in the way of motivational type stuff. It will be a fun challenge for us to try and meet that "consumer request." I am challenging her in put a precentage of any earnings she may makes back into Kiva or the EDGE Foundation to help kids. We shall see how that goes.


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