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Monday, November 19, 2007

I become that which I think I know

When I was a small boy I had learned how to count to 10 and say my A-B-C's. I thought I was pretty smart, as we all did at that stage. I had no clue that I would eventually have to put those A-B-C's into words and sentences that communicated clearly. If you had asked me about a sum that was greater than 10 I would be lost and declare that there was no such thing. Over time and through a debated maturation process, I learned that there was a lot more to life then just 1 through 10 and the ability to recite A through Z.

I increased my knowledge base and increased my horizons. Creating cognitive behavior change is no different than the willingness to see that there is more to life than just the A-B-C's and 1 through 10. What we think we know just might be a fraction of what is actually out there. When we increase our knowledge base we increase our choices, options, and possibilities. This life learning is extremely important to our destiny. The willingness to learn the other persons perception, the courage to step out of our comfort zone, and the openness to a bigger picture all play into our behaviors. When we come to a point where we are willing to step beyond our limiting beliefs and prematurely formed boundaries, we expose ourselves to a world unknown to most. A world of unlimited potential.

But when I choose to stay within that which I think I know, that place of presumed security, I will only chose from that limited list of possibilities. Imagine that which you know right now as being the same as those A-B-C's and count from 1 to 10 you were so proud of as a child. Life beckons us to learn how to put our potential into sentences and dance towards a 100 horizons.



storyteller said...

Acknowledging we can't know everything and/or don't have all the right answers yet, may be the first step to asking the right questions to lead us where we need to go next.

Seems to me 2 year olds have this questioning process down pat and could teach us all something we've forgotten. Maybe we'd be wise to keep that skill alive in our kids ... and cultivate it in ourselves. After all ... the willingness to open ourselves to the possibility of something more (and/or greater than our limited thinking, narrow beliefs, etc.) may be all that's necessary to lead us onward in discovery mode.

As a teacher, I did my best to encourage such questioning in my students (and their parents) ... often driving everyone nutty with responses like
--"Really? What makes you think so?"
--"What evidence do you have about that and how reliable is it?"
--"What are your ways might you test it for yourself?"

A COURSE IN MIRACLES suggests that if we have just a little willingness, answers reveal themselves. Of course, that brings new questions ... so the process is endless :)
That’s MY 2 cents this morning.
Hugs and blessings.

Talking Bear said...

ST, I agree with you 100%. We will never know everything while we walk this earth. I do believe that we should be learning from those we teach. A child’s thirst for understanding should be our lighthouse of navigation through troubled waters, ask the question.

However, I think that, …answers are timid creatures that will not just reveal themselves. They need to be seduced out of hiding, beckoned to and coaxed out of the darkness of our minds. Life only gives us the ability to seek. Knowledge and understanding will not be found laying out in the open along life’s path. We must look for it. And usually we find it in the most unusual place; the gentleness of our hearts.

storyteller said...


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