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Friday, November 02, 2007

The problem with power

Throughout history literature, aphorisms, and intellectualism have tolled the bell of warning. The bell's echoing tones have reverberated through time, but yet man has not heard it. Time and time again we pray and hope that our leaders have ascended to the high ground with the character to withstand the seduction of power. Time and time again we find ourselves wringing our hands with anger and clenching our teeth with anguish. What kind of person can withstand the onslaught of power? Why do men and women forsake so much in pursuit of such a destructive seed?

Power is truly the most addictive, most destructive, and most deceiving creation of mankind. This addiction effects so many, but yet changes so little. Why have we allowed our ears to become deaf to the tolling bells of history's deceptions? We are like a battered woman returning to the abuse that we know, but yet hate. We constantly re-create our nightmare by choosing leaders addicted to power.

What is it about power that changes a person? What is it about power, that causes so much change, that a once good person forsakes those who they were to lead, protect, and provide for?
What companionship does power have with greed, lust, deception, pain, and arrogance? Why would any honest person pursue such a destructive seed? Are we under a spell? Are we driven by stupidity? Do we have some deep down sick masochistic desire to be bulled and beaten by those we empower? What will it take, when we will learn to look at the person's character rather then listen to the honey dripping off of their silver tongues before we empower them? Or has the character of humanity depreciated some much that no one wants to look? Or does humanity only care once we have allowed another leader to usher us into calamity once again? History's bell tolls yet again, warning us of the problem with power.


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His Girl Friday said...

The first thought that comes to mind is that people become so intoxicated with the power in that whatever they say 'goes' as if they were gods. This kind of 'power' to me is of a self-focused derivative(ie selfish). Whereas, a person that seems to be able to handle the power without becoming corrupt seems to be focused more 'for the betterment of others' with their power. Although, this may lead to a conundrum in a sense if the 'for others' attitude by the one in power is generated with a non-egalitarian approach (ie, I know more what's better for you, than you do because I'm 'better' than you)
(I hope this kinda makes sense! ;))

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