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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weak strengths and strong weaknesses

Recently I had a long conversation with a special lady. She is an African American, but she is White. She was born in Africa and eventually became a naturalized American citizen. She works alongside me helping at risk youth. She always makes me laugh when she states in her thick English accent, I am the only true African American in this classroom so do not give me any headache about what you think you know on this subject.

Anyway, she had made a statement about how you cannot really teach life through chess because the game is void emotional issues. I smiled and then took to debating the issue. Our conversation weaved in and out of some fantastic topics about life and chess. Our conversation brought me back to some chess lessons I had as a young man. I had a great man teach me some great life lessons through the game of chess.

My teacher asked me about which piece I favored most. I said "the Queen of course." He asked "why?" and I replied "She is the most powerful piece on the board and does the most moves." He promptly took her off of the board and said "now let's play a round of chess." In fact we played several games without my Queen until I could play well without her. Then he took my rooks, then my bishops, then my knights. When he said, "lets play a another game", I looked confused and said " but there is only Pawns and a King left." He said "exactly." As I was forced to compete with weakness, I soon learned the strength of my "weakest" pieces. I learned of Pawn islands, forks, splits and pins. To this day, I realize, as I did in that lesson, that all pieces are as weak as the other and all pieces are as strong as the other, it only depends on how I perceive them.

Today when I play, I play with the weakest strengths and let the other player play with their strongest weakness. The difference in our perceptions of our true strengths usually rewards my efforts. As I reflected on this lesson many years ago, I realize that he taught me about much more than winning a chess game. He taught me about the dangers of relying on a facade of strengths and ignoring my " false weaknesses." What are the weak strengths you rely on? What are your strong weaknesses you ignore? I would wager you will find your answers somewhere in a close relationship. The place where many of us live with unspoken expectations and unheard requests for compassion. My strongest moments are when I am strong enough to be weak and tell my love, " I need you."



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