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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Are we addicted to hate?

As the merry time of the year comes around I have noticed, observed, and done, the odd sweep the crap under the rug, put on a smiley face, and just get through this holiday season. It is, after all, hard to be merry when you hate. I think that is what this season is about anyway, HATE. Well at least the conquering of it. The sacrifice of Jesus was not needed to heal all the LOVE in the world, was it? God gave us a gift, so what do we do? We create a Holiday to give gifts, but that is not our perspective anymore is it? Ask any kid, they will tell you CHRISTmas is about getting presents. This life was sacrificed to pay a debt that we owed. A debt that was created by things like: hate, fear, rejection, rebellion, deceit. So, if He died for those things, why do we keep bringing them back into our lives? If we celebrate His sacrifice, then why do so many kill themselves over the same issues He died to save us from? No wonder there is such a movement to take Christ out of Christmas, we just can not tolerate the absence of hate. We can not have the image of LOVE be the center of this holiday season when we are addicted to hate.

We love to hate, don't we? We just love all that drama in our lives. I watch people create the drama just so they have something, or some one, to hate on. I can't believe the things I have witnessed. Why do we find it so hard to love, to be kind to one another, to extend the least bit of forgiveness to some one? In a season that we talk, and advertise concepts like love, mercy, grace, I see very little of it in the big reality show called life. Sure we act like it, but come Christmas day when we are together with our families, the hateolator is going to get turned up and wham. Just be nice until you get your gift then the hate is back on. Lets pull all that crap back out from under the carpet and, yell, 'game on!' Why do we continue this madness? Because we are addicted. We are hate junkies who will do anything for another fix of hate. After all, it makes us feel better about the season when we can hammer on some elses issues and get our eyes off of our issues.

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