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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas list chaos.

Every year my family gets a call to generate Christmas lists full of what we want. For sometime this tradition just bugged me. I would argue that this season is not about "getting". I tried to stop some of the madness by lobbing for less presents. Just spend the time to find something special instead of a bunch of covenant stuff. After earning the title of Scrooge, and lost that argument. So this year I implemented a whole new strategy. And to my surprise, other family patriarchs have liked this new idea and are doing the same.

No more Christmas list of what YOU want, is the simple side of of this effort to teach what Christmas is about. My kids, and my wife, were instructed to make a list of what they want to get other family members. Of course the question of " well, how will we know what the want" came up. I just smiled and said " that is the beauty of it, you have to ask". Each family member has to choose what they want to GIVE based on time talking with each other and the amount the can give. The cost of the gift becomes clearer and understanding about true giving is brought forth. I am hoping to get away from the selfishness that is inadvertently taught during this time of year. I want my kids to focus on the giving. I want to tie into the cost of what was given to us. But, I think, we never learn about the cost until we pay the price of giving. I am hoping that this year, around the tree, we learn about the joy of giving instead of the greed of getting.



storyteller said...

I like it ... but I'm for anything that promotes real conversation that entails LISTENING and responding to one another :)

The Zen card in today's post at Sacred Ruminations seems appropriate to this topic (not to give myself a "plug" or anything) LOL

FYI -- My computer is doing weird stuff again today so I'm saving the other posts for another time. But while I’m thinking of it … just how is Peajay related to you? Maybe this is a better question for email … but I may not remember to ask later :]
Hugs and blessings,

Em said...

Talking Bear, That is an awesome strategy you have. I think it is a great idea to make lists of what other family members want. This is also a great way to find out much you know about each other. This requires the person to pay attention or talk to the other person about what they are interested in or want for the holdiay. I hope that you have an amazing holiday with your family and that you and your family are focused on the joy of being together instead of just on what they are getting.

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