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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anniversary Time

20 years ago today I gave my oath to my friend before my God. At the time I had no real measure of the commitment I was making. I had no idea of the meaning behind the words I uttered that Saturday afternoon. Today I have a solid measure of what those words mean. That measure is found in the eyes of my Bride.

When I was a young man I asked an old man who had been married for some 75 years what the secret was. He told me two things. One, never quit! He followed by "that does not mean you will never feel like quiting", "just don't". The second seemed to be a riddle at the time. He said " to much sunshine makes a desert". Today I realize that it is the storms in a relationship that bring depth and meaning. Yes, I have often wanted to quit during the storm, but I have not as of yet, and do not intend to.....ever!

To my friend, lover,and wife I say thank you for hanging in there with me. I love you and cherish you more today then when I said I do.

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