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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Carl Gustav Jung

'The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.'

A great quote posted in a recent comment from PJ. The words highlight the struggle ahead for those who seek acceptance.


His Girl Friday said...

looking in the mirror and accepting who we are completely, strengths, weaknesses, et al...yep, that can be a hard one. Especially recognizing faults to try to change, but not forgetting our gifts...those that can be used to help others, so long as we are not too focused on ourselves and our faults...

Talking Bear said...

I find it amazing that gold is referred to by how pure it is, not it's un-pure precentage. Diamonds are from a lump of coal that was placed under great presure, have many shades of color, and are enjoyed at any of them. People on the other hand just can not get past the flaws they THINK they habe, weather others see the fault or not. Yep accepting ourselves is the most terrifying. We just can not seem to realize how special we are.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi TB,
what causes us to see only the flaws, and have difficulty accepting what is good? Where does that come from, and how can we change it??!! I will have to think on that one.
Of course, the way we raise our children should be our primary focus in our endeavor to change this way of thinking, so as not to perpetuate the cycle. However, there are so many adults who are affected by this...me included, that I wonder if we must first change the way we think, so that we can be of help to others.

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