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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Content with complacency and married to mediocrity.

I have a garden. In that garden is 100 beautiful orange poppies. One poppy grew taller than the rest. This left me with a dilemma. I like things to be even and orderly. I tried to grow the other poppies taller, but that was taking too long and consuming too much energy. So, I just cut the tall one off and now I have the rest the same height. This poppy problem is called "the tall poppy syndrome".

Society seems to be content with a certain level of mediocrity that only complacent behavior can produce. Do not fall behind and do not move ahead. Stay in the middle and you will do just fine. Our social infrastructure is designed to reproduce this mediocre lifestyle over and over again. After all, we need people to do the simple jobs. We do not need people thinking that they all can become important, right? Who would clean the public toilets, pick up my trash, pump the cesspool, or any other job that "they" look down on?

What gets me is how many of us stand in line with a more than willing attitude to jump in and live a mediocre life. Do not pursue higher education, international experiences, or venture out on any endeavour that may expand your horizons. After all, I need some to boss around as I climb the corporate ladder. But please stop grumbling because you choose complacency. Stop whining because your money does not go very far. Do not blame the "haves" for what you have not. After all, at least in this country, you can become that which you dream. So go on, dream small and live small, it limits my competition at the top of the food chain.


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