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Monday, January 14, 2008

Kindness, hope, and weakness.

Why does it appear that those who live by the concepts of kindness and hope also seem to be strong in the traits called patience, perseverance and commitment? I have my own opinion, which is not shared by some of the other writers here at SBH. My view, for the moment, is that those who utilize the concepts of hope and kindness are victims of the progressive crowd's ruthless antics of self promotion. This constant victimization produces an internal strength that sows the seeds of patience and perseverance. Those who do not put much stock in such noble traits as hope and kindness may see this victimization as weakness and naivety.

I find myself caught in a vicious struggle. A struggle that threatens to consume one side or the other of my self perception. A part of me values kindness and hope. The other finds these things useless and weak. I hear people hope for things that they can simply just make happen if they really wanted to. This part of me sees hope as a term based on the foundation of predisposed failure. I think I will fail at this or that, but I hope that I just might achieve it. I think NIKE got it right with their ad campaign "Just Do It."

However, the other side of me thinks that hope and kindness are like the turtle in the race between the turtle and rabbit. These concepts will win out, if you have the fortitude, perseverance, and patience to endure the constant belittling, victimization, and constant humiliation to see the course through. But this type of fortitude I often doubt that I have.

When the anger wells up inside I find it hard to be that gentle kind person founded in hope. My family motto is " If not peace than war." And I often feel the urge to wage war rather then enjoy peace. In the early years my wife would constantly remind me that "nice guys finish last." Most of my life's path has been grinding down that niceness my childhood sowed in me. Meanness produces results that are respected by most. So how can we hold onto any aspirations of being kind and patient in a world that values mean and immediate?



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