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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Please give God a call.

While I was younger and instructing wilderness adventure courses regularly, A friend and I came up with this slang saying. When we would pray as a group, I would say to the other instructor you dial and I'll hang up, anyone wishing to say hi just jump in. Anyway, it is time for me to make a call for a family member and I would love it if some of you jumped in and gave a shout out for Crystal to the Big Guy in the Sky.

Crystal is my BIG brothers daughter, or we just say she is my wonderful little niece. Well, yesterday while I was at work, my brother calls and I get the sense that things are not good right away. His "baby" (she is grown and has children of her own) was rushed to the E.R. for extreme pain in the head. Long story short, she has a tumor that caused a vessel to rupture. The bleeding has caused swelling and hence the pain. The Docs are going to make a decision on Friday on what to do, operate or treat some other way. I am pretty sure brain surgery is no easy feat, so I am giving God a call and seeing if He can pull some strings and allow this whole thing to come out good for all. If you would like to jump in and say a few words of support please feel free. Thanks for your willingness, TB.


Peajay said...

Saint Raphael, endowed with the grace of healing, whose name means God heals, look over Crystal and her family in their time of need and help those who implore your assistance.

In our thoughts and prayers.

storyteller said...

Leaving a comment here has been nearly impossible for days now, but I stayed with it this morning for as long as it took so I could let you know I've added my prayers to your own. May God bless and keep you all in this difficult time.
Hugs and blessings,

Talking Bear said...

Her surgey is on Monday Feb 4th. We are holding our breath. Thanks for the prayers....

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