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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Weathering the Storm

How do children learn to weather life's storms? I know that I was not taught how to withstand the onslaught of life until I found myself in the infamous Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Unfortunately, my foundational beliefs were already in place. As I watch my own children grow up I continue to try and teach them about the many different storms that are on their horizons.

I pray that I can equip them with character traits needed to not only weather their storms, but to come out the other side standing humbly tall and courageously strong.

Some of my staff and I had a conversation today about facilitating people through the storming phases of life we call disequilibrium points. This unbalanced place is found between complacency and panic. It is the place where most learning occurs in life, or at least I think so. We are presented with some form of stimulus that rattles us enough to create an unbalanced picture of reality. It is here that we begin to seek the change that will return balance in our perceived realities. As a facilitator, I explore options of stimulus that create disequilibrium. I create the storm. But as we discussed today, a good facilitator will also create the safe harbors for the forming, or re-forming phase. The return to balance. This is a life long process, norming, storming, and forming. Relax, struggle, and grow become our goal. Through this model we can learn that life has struggles which we can learn from and grow. No storm becomes to big for us to weather when we have hope in tomorrow.

How do children learn to weather life's storms? By weathering the storms with them. By teaching them to stand tall during those struggling hours and facing change with hope draped upon our shoulders. We must model that behavior in face of our own storms, and let our children embrace us in our own moments of doubt and fear. After all, it is not the storm we fear, it is our own self doubt that cause our souls to take a pause. We will either bend with the tempest and strength our resolve or we will be broken like a twig in the hollowing wind.


Photo by Talking Bear (My 10 year old daughter realizing that snow covered tress can be a warm place to rest, after she just came off of a 45 mph wind swept, near sub zero (F) degree mountain top. Her comment "This aint so bad".) 12-27-07


storyteller said...

Welcome back. Your snowy trip looks wonderful and all of a sudden my system is slower than molaasses so I don't know how much I'll be able type. Sigh! I just read your 6 posts in GR (thank goodness for blank on white screens) and am writing a single reply here. Love the pix and the quotes. Re: patience vs the desire for quick change ... see my T-13 from yesterday at Small Reflections. LOL

As for teaching our kids ... you ended with what I was going to say ... namely that kids learn from what WE DO when faced with challenges, not what we say.

I've missed you and your wife. I say again, welcome back.
Hugs and blessings,

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