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Monday, February 25, 2008

Could of,would of, should of, (re-post from 2006)

When our fantasy life of the what if, when, and someday collides with our reality of could have, would have, should have, we are left with an un-lived life! And that is a big travesty. We mask ourselves to gain, thinking that who we really are will not be good enough. We bed down with our old friends; fear, anxiety, and regret on a constant basis. We pray that God himself will fix our mess and somehow place it all conveniently in His will.

Boy! He must really get pissed at us. Imagine creating a master piece that hides itself, desires to falsely become that which is opposite of your design and asks you to fix it! I call this mess humanity!We wonder why society values the ones who have the courage to be who they were made to be? We ridicule those who venture into this domain of courage to mask our own fear of exposure. Instead of the "what if they reject me, what if they do not like me, what if I fail, What if.........Hey, What if they love you, what if they are inspired by you, what if you generate a movement of wholesome goodness.....ever think of those possibilities? What if there is no black and white boundaries in life? What if it is all gray area? Gray area waiting to be defined as either productive or destructive? And the line between the two is simply defined by our perceptions and intentions.

I was chatting with my wife tonight and we were discussing her perceptions about the value of the feminine. We soon realized that her entire belief structure of the feminine has been based on how she perceived her family authority figure's statements and behaviors towards the subject. In simple terms, she believed that these individuals did not value feminine attributes, so she tried hard to please them by not being feminine. She never obtained the feeling of acceptance however tom boyish she became. As she grew older she criticized other feminine women. Why, because it had to be a bad thing, her family made that known. She perceived she was broken because she was a female.She is not alone in this saga.

We all have developed erroneous beliefs based on another's behaviors. Many of us just do not realize it, yet. Our parents, peers, teachers, and so on say things and do things, that generate a perception in our minds and we place value to it. We Begin to believe it and we act upon it! We even go as far as direct our life's path based off of these false beliefs. And then reality hit us like a ton of bricks and we feel robbed. "What do you mean, that is not true?" The would of, could of, should of, comes crashing down around us. How many times have you said "if I only knew that then, I would have....."? I challenge you to examine your beliefs, weigh them, and if need be redefine them. A life mis-lived based on false understanding is a travesty! Live the life you dream of. I think that life is the closest thing to being who you were created to be. And in the process we might discover your greatness as it was intended.

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storyteller said...

How interesting that so many of us are thinking (and blogging) about such similar issues ... and have been for a while. I'm glad you reposted this one and I’m reminded of the ‘100th monkey’ … wondering just how close to an ‘evolutionary shift’ we might be. As I type that … I wonder at what role connections in this ‘virtual’ world plays in those shifts … and my mind is off and running! Letting go of what we no longer need in order to make room for what we desire … what an empowering thought! Have you seen my ‘message in the bottle’ at Sacred Ruminations … and are you thinking of creating one of your own? Let me know if you do so.
Hugs and blessings,

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