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Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Light?

Recently I came across a few posts about letting your light shine ( here, and here). I enjoyed these points of view, but a nagging question kept screaming in my head. What is your light? I have been told to let my light shine every since Sunday school. We even sang a song about it. But I have never been advised to what exactly my light is that I am supposed to let shine.

I have heard several attempts at an explanation, but none of these explanations are very descriptive. They are more like one word meanings that in and of them selves we do not truly understand, like; essences, smile, joy, and so on. How am I supposed to let my light shine in a world of darkness if I do not know what it is, nor understand how to turn it on or keep it on? Why do we use terms that are not clear to define a behavior that we are supposed to have

If my light is supposed to shine in the darkness, than I think it is a behavior I am supposed to have when life is crappy. But I think we all know this is a major thing, be of light when we feel like crap. This is the path to placating and disbelief. I am supposed to be something I do not feel like, and most like do not believe at that point in time. Here we go, let us build another fa├žade to hide my darkness; I will put some light into it so it looks good for the masses. This is bovine scat.

When I was a construction foreman we used to have the new guys always go to the tool bin and get us a “stud stretcher” or a “skyhook”. We would let them spend way to much time searching the entire job site for something that did not exist. At the time we thought this to be funny. And the new guys thought they were looking for real items. Is this whole “let your light shine” thing the same sort of thing? Something we are told as children to make us think that we have to always be happy and pleasant?

May be I am the only one who thinks that this life has many things and times in it that just plain suck? In these moments, what am I supposed to let shine? What part of Jesus’ light was he letting shine when He angrily chased the money changers out of the Temple
? Maybe this whole light thing has nothing to do with neither happiness nor pleasantries. Maybe it is about commitment and contentment? Just the simple knowing that God is in all things and that we are subject to uncomfortable times. May be we just need to chill and let God do His thing and be content with it no matter how ugly it gets around us? I do know that the song “I am going to let it shine, all the time” does me no justice in understanding how to let my light shine when life sucks?



Endlessly restless said...

We tend to assume (as I do) that letting your light shine is always about being happy and upbeat. I think it's more than that - i think that we need to let the 'colour of our soul' shine through. (This is a thought that I'm currently grappling with.)

The positive aspect of shining your light is more about integrity that a flahy super-white smile.

But maybe this needs more thought!

Talking Bear said...

ER, I really like that "colour of our soul". My next question is, what defines the colour of our souls? I would think that our lifeexperince would have some impact, our faith, our ability to keep going.....?

I would agree that our first instinct is the facade of constant happines, which is not possible for anyone.

I think our light, or colour of our soul may be connected to our giftings. What do you think??

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