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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who comforts the Father when He weeps?

As a young man, I prayed to know God's heart. I think God must have laughed. I do not pretend to think I have ever come close to feeling God's heart. But, I think He has allowed me to sense a small dose of His peril. As the miles pass bye and I look back, I wish I had never prayed that prayer.

I see the world differently than most, or so I have been told. I cry in the shadows of life’s quite moments and laugh in a curious sort of way at the wonderful joy of a child. I have seen things that mankind has done to itself and collapsed with agonizing compassion.

I know God must weep something awful as he looks over his children. Who comforts Him in these moments? He must feel our pain, the pain of countries, cities, families, and the children. His heart must be broken, full of sorrow, His eyes must burn with despair.

Do the angels surround him, in these moments and comfort Him? Do they understand His pain, His anguish, His extreme empathy he must feel? Or does He weep in the shadows as I do. Does He agonize over us in His quite moments, hidden from all?

Do we not realize the pain we must cause Him? Do we not see Him in the eyes of each other? Who comforts Him when He weeps?

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His Girl Friday said...

When I first read this post, I wished to turn away from it because it caused me discomfort. It's sometimes is hard for me to put a 'name' to what I am feeling when my emotions are stirred at a deeper level; and, I can be very restless with regard to dwelling on them. (but then you know that!:))

The thought that I have caused the Almighty to be grieved is not something to be taken lightly. My actions, my wants; sometimes I can be very selfish. Then God ever so reminds me of the grace that He has given me in my life, and I am humbled.

I see around me and have read of past actions, where people, in the name of God have caused such horrible pain to other people, to other believers, both emotionally and physically. It grieves me to see my own children fighting in their sibling rivalry. I can't even imagine what the Lord must feel when He sees both our individual and collective 'negative' actions, especially from those who profess to know Him.

You've written this well, TB. You have a special insight that I believe is a gift from God, however weighted this gift no doubt is. Thank you for sharing with us, that perhaps we may be more mindful with our reverence and thanksgiving in our daily prayers, and with our daily actions. Perhaps, one could say, more Christ-like, letting the trappings of the world, and of man's religion fall aside; and to see and to do what truly matters....that we may seek to ease the pain of this imperfect world through the wisdom, compassion, and joy that is available to us through Christ.

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