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Thursday, February 21, 2008

You can have her, we dont want her? WTF

Today, I received a call; it was like most of my calls at the office. It was about another child being kick to the curb by a parent and another government agency calling me for help to intervene. As the social worker briefed me on the basic case details, I asked one question. “Who, in this child’s life, is telling her, she matters?” After a moment of awkward silence, the voice on the other end said, “That.....that is a good question.......no one, I guess”! I replied, “We are good at destroying lives, but not so good and what matters.”

I had a hard choice; my 16 person team is already committed to 500+ lives for 16 weeks. It was evident, by the tone of urgency in the woman’s voice that this child would not last until our next class in August. My problem is that there is a myriad of these cases that come to us every week. How can we say no? How can we keep adding to the already over burden case load? How can we create positive change in so many so quick? How do we keep coming back to work every day and face the onslaught of destroyed families, and kids willing to die for things they know nothing about?

Why do I wrestle with deep issue on this blog? Because, that is what I do all day long. I search for the right question, I search for hope, I search for belief that these lives matter. Some days I really suck. Maybe tomorrow I will be better?


His Girl Friday said...

I'm glad you didn't use the 'shut up juice' with this one. Perhaps that social worker will go back to that parent and have a little more something to say.

I can hear your heart breaking for these kids; so many of them, so few resources...so few who are awake enough to the problem, or worse, are turning their heads away from it; as well as there are so many who are the problem (as in parents, not parenting).

I'm at a loss of words that can perhaps comfort you completely, but I am ever so grateful that you have chosen to stand in the gap for these children. :)

Adventure Brother said...

Just reading this and hearing stories lie this really breaks the hearts of those of us that really do care and we can only do so much. If we could all bond together and make a difference in these kids lives it would be so much better than to try to take them on one at a time. There has to be a way. Their innocence is shattered early and their self esteem stolen by the very people that are supposed to keep them inocent and build them up. Thank You for caring. Take it one life at a time for now!

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