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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Hunt

Nostrils flared, ears canted forward on high alert, and every sensation is processed, analyzed and deciphered into two simple categories; friend or foe. I am neither the Lion nor the Gazelle. I am both the hunter and the hunted.

The symbolically, unseen warm breeze sways the tall dry grass exposing my form. My betrayal is complete as my scent is carried across the landscape alerting any who search for clues to my presence. My heart races with fear, and yet leaps with excitement that I may become the victor. The sun falls from it's climatic arch, sinking into the horizons' vast abyss. Night will soon creep into this daunting chase of life and death.

This dance with fate is one of life's constants; moving to the rhythm of time and driven by the internal need of survival. It is cloaked in a battle between the desire for total concealment and the need for complete exposure. Always anxious and fearful of the possibilities hidden in the next moment life chooses to reveal.

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Talking Bear said...

AB, Your are right on the money.

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