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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Adventure & Marriage

20 years of marriage and 30 years of adventures has taught me a few things. One of my biggest lessons has been the survivability of the seasons that both endeavors present. Outdoor adventure can bring disastrous weather in the most unexpected times and you need to be prepared for such things when you venture out into the wild. Marriage is much the same. Life's stress can build up and storms set in that can rock any foundation, this too you must be prepared for when you say I do.

Then there are those seasons where one finds joy and renewal without looking for it. This morning, my wife and I set out for a simple little trip to test out a new camera we just purchased. The drive started somewhat like a winter accent with a storm blowing in. But once we got out , away from the busyness of our life, things began to settle down and we enjoyed a very pleasant excursion, out together, amongst the wildflowers that only bloom for a short time during this season.

Experiencing such a wonderful moment, early in the morning was so needed for me. Orange, yellow, and purple flowers in bloom right where God himself planted them was, is, such an amazing thing to behold. To experience this with the woman who I have weathered many a stormy seasons with was wonderful. We sat a talked, we rated different years of our marriage and shared our thoughts but different seasons together, both good and bad. It is was if God had beckoned us to his garden to be children, carefree and calm, burden less and bored, and remember our foundation of friendship and the loyalty of lovers. No matter where you are planted, no matter who you are planted next to, God can bring our own unique beauty to bloom in the seasons we do not expect if we allow ourselves to simply be.

The flowers weather the rough seasons and bloom in their seasons, even if no one cares to see them, they spread their pedals and bare their souls because that is what they are made for, not because they think some one wants them to do it or because they feel obligated to do it. They simple just become all they can be, each individual flower, at that moment in time regardless of life around them. And when they unite in this behavior their beauty can been seen for miles and miles away.

1 Comment:

Mike Barrett said...

Beautiful post. You two are indeed blooming and noticable. And I remember when the blooms were not there but the roots were. 20 more years of blooms...

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