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Friday, April 18, 2008

How do I take a stand when I am scared of life's choices?

In the mid twentieth century there was a well known policing action, conflict, war, or whatever you want to call it in Southeast Asia. As this event covered or touched three decades from start to finish, there are several stories of unbelievable acts by those who took part. I am going to touch on one.

A group of warriors were holding a defensive position against a tremendously larger opposing force. As the battle waged on it became apparent that there were no reinforcements, no supplies and no support coming to their aide. As the sun sank into the jungle filled horizon and darkness captured all that was full of light a choice was to be made. As the ammo ran out, a choice that history would take pause and decide to record for all eternity. Should these battle weary men try and sneak away to safety or surrender? Would we have heard about these men if they had?

Facing what at first appeared to be a choice between two options, both not very glamours, the men searched for honor in their actions. They knew that first light would bring complete destruction to them. Their choice was to stay and fight. They took what they had and what their environment provided, slipped out of their fighting holes and into the dark night to make history. With their small shovels (called entrenching tools) and as many rocks as they could find, they found a working alternative to defeat. They crept up to the enemy's dug-in positions, tossed a rock into the hole. The enemy, thinking a high explosive hand-grenade was just tossed into their hole would jump out in a panicked stated. Our warriors would attack the enemy with their small shovels. This went on for hours, until their were large gaps in the enemy lines. The mornings light exposed the carnage and the enemy became very disorientated. What had happened. No one heard a shot in the night. Fear was born into the enemy, and legendary status granted to a few men who refused to accept the choices life seemed to be dealing out.

Although this story occurred in combat the attitude of these men can, and should be applied by us all everyday. I can not even imagine the courage it took to face such daunting odds, or to even come up with the idea to take a stand. Life seems to give us these chances, to stand in our darkest hour and prevail. Life beckons to us to make that statement, "I'm all in" when we should be folding our hand. What do you think are the foundational character that cause some to take such a stand? Why does it seem that so many are way to willing to fold so quickly these days? How do we grow internally, to a point that we can stay so focused on a mission, to the point that we forsake all common sense and find ourselves standing taller than life it self?



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