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Monday, April 28, 2008

I have been ta(n)g(o)ed!

Well well, I have been advised that PJ @ Much talk on little cause has tagged me. So I think since it is my first tag I will invest in my answers.

1. Things I was doing 10 years ago.
I was doing exactly what I am doing today. Raising three children, working full time on a career, and playing when ever I can. Actually for me, it is hard to imagine a decade has gone by with little to no change in my life.

2.Five things on my To-Do list today.
1. work on my garden,
2. fix some things around the house,
3. get some rest,
4. answer this tag,
5. spend time with my family.
May sound boring, but it is where I find joy these days.

3. Things I would do if I were a Billionaire.
I would still do what I am doing today, just be able to invest more into it and get things done a bit faster. I would pay off all debt. I would buy a very large ranch and execute a long time dream. I would support several people and programs that I feel are worthy of the investment. I would travel around the world. I would start my "green" house construction company. I would spend some time inventing some things I have thought about. I would set my children up for finical success. I would finish my three books that I am working on. I would invest monies to sustain finical growth and security. Maybe not in the order I put them down, but that is a start.

4. Three of my bad habits.
Don't have any bad habits. If I am doing them, they are good habits to me. LOL. Maybe, I would not use smokeless tobacco, but other than that, I am what I am.

5. Five places I have been.
1. All of Western Europe,
2. In the worlds largest jail,
3. In a communist country,
4. The top of the Matterhorn,
5. Nearly every state in the Union.

6. Five jobs I have had.
1. Professional rock climber,
2. UPS supervisor,
3. Construction foreman,
4. Professional wilderness instructor,
5. Sgt in the USMC

7. Five books I have read.
1. The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz,
2. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne,
3. The danger Habit by Mike Barret,
4. Waking the dead by John Eldredge,
5. The five dysfunctions of a team by Patrick Lencioni

8. Every one I know has already been tagged so I will put this on hold for now.

1 Comment:

Peajay said...

Thank you TB for your participation.
I have do a couple of questions.
1. Do you only take jobs that require a hat? Is it a fetish thing? :)
2. Well it was the lack of bad habits really. Hmmmm. Guess I'll ask your beloved as she is the one who must endure any such habits. :DDD

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