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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Re-Birth, rediscovering who we are.

Spring time is such a wonderful reminder that things die and are re-born. Winter's cold and dormant state yields to Spring's warm and budding affair. Nature is buzzing with new generations seeking their own purpose and discovering what life is all about. It is here, in this time of re-birth, that I have spent many hours pondering about the transitions we go through as we pass from childhood to adults.

This Spring has been different for me, more than most of my previous Springs. I have seemed to emerge from my Winter's gloom with a different mind set. At first I was disturbed by the level of seriousness that has taken root in my demeanor. It seems that I have taken another transitional step toward manhood. It has been this transition that has ignited what seems to be a whole new wrestling match with maturity.

Although I do not laugh as much, nor do I find as much humor around me, I think that I am learning to like this new self. Much like a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly, I too must learn that this change is not good or bad, it is simply a step in life.

As I watch my own children grow and change, I realize that maturity is not a destination, but a journey. We are in a constant state of growth, and if we are lucky, we process ourselves through re-discovering our true strength and beauty. We search for the answer to questions like, who am I?, What is my purpose?, How does my life matter?

I think that we often fail to realize just how much our presence in the garden of life affects those around us. Does the Iris know the work of the bee that fumbles about its pedals? Does the Hummingbird know the struggle of the Iris' rebirth? The struggle of life is a constant cycle that uses us in its endeavors either with or without our permission. We endure our own cyclic struggles, emerging each rotation as new creatures. For me, I think my soul ached for such a change. My roots run deeper, my branches spread farther, and I know that I must not give way to the winds of uncertainty. It is my turn to stand strong and secure for all those who choose to grow beneath my leaves, shielded from the harsh realities hidden in each season.


(Photo ("The Iris") taken by Talking Bear 040808)

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Endlessly restless said...

TB - I really like this. Most of the time the changes that we undergo are imperceptible, but occasionally they strike us as having huge significance. I like the phrase that you use about 'with or without our permission'. Change is inevitable, but we can choose whether that change leads to re-generation or de-generation; to growth or decay. It's likely to be more positive if we adopt the 'permission' attitude that you display in your writing.

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