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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Angels watching over us - Thank you Lord!

It is 4:30 am here and I can not sleep. My eyes are tired, my body is tired, but I can find no rest from my watchful concern.

At 7: 48 last night, my wife, and author of "Wellied on Life" Was in a horrendous head-on traffic accident that claimed the life of the other driver. The combined speed upon impact has been estimated at around 110+ miles and hour.

Our Ford Super duty was completely totaled. The two things that saved her life was that Angels were watching over her and the fact that she was in a Ford "built tough" truck.

After a long night at the Emergency room of our local hospital, she walked out on her own accord upon crutches. At the moment, she rests, quietly sleeping as her body begins the long healing process created by such an event.

Tonight's prayer was simply " Thank you Lord". Tonight I can only set before my God and humbly acknowledge His presence over the day's events and in our lives. All of the weeping, the hugs, and the deep concern for all involved has left me completely exhausted. Yet the rest I seek still eludes my eyes. Time has seemed to stop for me between yesterday and tomorrow. I am so grateful to still have my love here with me, peacefully sleeping, while I watch over her patiently, thankful for every tick of the clock.

God's speed to all who read this, tell your loved ones how you feel because you may not get another chance.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mammoth Fire, 2008 (Camp fire left unattended?)

Only you can prevent the total devastation of Bear Habitat.

Blaise Pascal

"Everything that cannot be understood does nevertheless not cease to exist".

The Lonely Hours of life.

The lonely times in life have bothered me greatly in the past. I, am a very social creature who likes the interaction of others. In fact, I think I was very dependent on such encounters to validate my self image, or at least validate concerns if I was liked enough by others to remain in a state of acceptance. As I have grown, I have come to a place where this type of acceptance is not all that needed, nor really cared for. I have come to seek out the lonely hours of life.

Recently, I was thinking about this issue of enjoyed isolation. I wondered if the internal migration towards such a viewpoint is seeded in my growing distrust and dislike for fake character, hidden agendas, and manipulative schemes. As I seek out solid character in all who I interact with, I find a shrinking population of individuals who are secure in who they really are: broken and beaten souls who simply do not care about how the world sees them anymore and just want to do what can be done to help anyone willing to be helped.

To me, it seems that most of us, me included, are consumed by the effort of hiding from rejection. Running from fears that we make up inside of our lonely self. As soon as I tired from running away and hiding from such fear and surrendered to the belief that I would become consumed by it, it all seemed to freakishly vanish. At first this realization that I may have created my own rejection in my mind confused me. I took an inventory on all the choices I made in the past that may have been based on an illusion created by false fears. This was not very comforting for me. In fact, I became angry with myself for not coming to this place sooner in life. But, that is as they say "water under the bridge", there is no changing the past. But now I seek out those lonely hours in those lonely places and enjoy isolated solitude. I am, what I am. I will never be perfect, in fact perfect in itself is just another illusion created by the exhausted who run from their own fears. I am an imperfect soul who today does not give a damn about trying to be perfect, nor do I care if I am rejected by another, who is still running from who they are.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ancient Blog?

During our Summer adventures our staff decided to look for a very unique petroglyphs rock known as "Sky Rock.". In a 110 Degree heat with high humidity, we set out to find this elusive rock. After two days of hunting in and around the area we found it and it was worth the time spent. The rock is very large and one can see why the ancient choose it for a canvas.

As we took a break for lunch we joked about the site being an ancient blog. Of course post would come slower than some blogs. Anyway, on a serious note we wondered if this site is some how correlated with the solstice, like some form of calendar for a village holy man?

Our staff will be returning to this site to take more photos in different seasons and lighting situations. We also will be exploring the area for more, not as common sites, to photograph and catalog. We have already purchased a new wide angle lens in hopes of capturing this formation better.


"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was 'thank you' that would suffice."

The shadows cast, cant not be quickly forgotten

The are many internal struggles that occur within one's heart, mind and soul. None of these struggles cast a bigger shadow over those we come in contact with than our internal struggle with Love and Fear. We all have this emotional generator within that is constantly producing either positive or negative energy.

At the core of this generator is our internal attitude. How we think, what we feel, and how we behave are all influenced from this core element called attitude. Above the surface, in our daily lives, emotions ooze out of each and every interaction we have with others. those emotionally laced interactions are either weighted by fear or by love.
What many do not realize is that we can choose our daily attitude. Yes, it takes a high level of cognitive thought to accomplish, but you do have control over what emotion you respond with. However, some have taught us that strength comes from the ability to bully, intimidate, or have power over others through the use of fear. Those who use fear to accomplish their will are only telling the rest of us how much control fear has of them.
Gandhi once said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." If we want love, and everything love produces, to abound in our lives we must become love. We must become bigger than our fears and produce feedback that speaks to the heart of each and every persons we come in contact with. We must not get caught up in ranks of authority but lead with an attitude spun in the confidence of love.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A long hot summer

Well we are back in the office and ready for another year of blogging. AS some of you may have noticed, we took a few months off from the blog and went out on several adventures over the Summer. We will be posting some of the over 5000 pics we took over the summer here at SHB.

This pic was of the Mammoth fire a few weeks ago. Some of our staff members went up to Mammoth, Ca. for a get away. As the normal routine is to drive at night, we arrived in Mammoth at 1:30 AM only to find a blazing forest fire. The staff voted to shoot the fire rather then go to bed.

This picture was taken with a Cannon Rebel Xti ( time exposure, 1600 ISO, w/Cannon 18mm-55mm lens) Anyway, the fire was quickly dealt with and we went back to being lazy. It is good to be back and writing again. Stay tuned there is more to come here at SBH.

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