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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ancient Blog?

During our Summer adventures our staff decided to look for a very unique petroglyphs rock known as "Sky Rock.". In a 110 Degree heat with high humidity, we set out to find this elusive rock. After two days of hunting in and around the area we found it and it was worth the time spent. The rock is very large and one can see why the ancient choose it for a canvas.

As we took a break for lunch we joked about the site being an ancient blog. Of course post would come slower than some blogs. Anyway, on a serious note we wondered if this site is some how correlated with the solstice, like some form of calendar for a village holy man?

Our staff will be returning to this site to take more photos in different seasons and lighting situations. We also will be exploring the area for more, not as common sites, to photograph and catalog. We have already purchased a new wide angle lens in hopes of capturing this formation better.


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